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Mold-Resistant Drywall

Mold-Resistant Drywall
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Mold is one of the problems related to drywall and one of the reasons why drywall removal or repair is needed. Now, a development in the industry is introduced, and that is the mold resistant type of gypsum board. Manufacturers push this product on homeowners and builders to lessen the problem with molds. While mold can treated even before it poses health risks, it is still best to prevent it, which is why this type of drywall is developed.

The difference of mold-resistant drywall with regular types is the use of homogenous material or fiberglass mat to replace conventional paper facing. Homogenous means the same material is used, without layers. The idea is that mold could not feed on organic materials that comprise paper drywall. Compared to a greenboard, mold resistant drywall may be more expensive, but it is more effective in preventing mold. Greenboard is the type that is typically used for areas with high moisture.

How this Drywall is Made

Mold-Resistant DrywallMold resistant type of drywall is manufactured in three ways. The first one is the uniform type which companies use in which there is a uniform material composition, so there is no facing material whatsoever. Second one is mat-faced type wherein a gypsum core faces fiberglass mat, and the paper faced composition, which features recycled paper facing, but the material is treated to resist growth of mold. However, wall covering manufacturer would not guarantee an absolute mold-proof product, but one that stands the lowest chance of mold and mildew growth compared to standard paper-faced gypsum board.

Advantages of Mold Resistant Drywall

The most obvious advantage of this type of gypsum board is its resistance to mold growth. This leads to other things, such as protecting your home’s indoor quality. It also resists drywall deterioration found in high moisture areas, reducing replacement and drywall repair costs. Sheetrock installation experts find this type easy to implement, since it is available at most lumber providers. It does not require separate operational cost, and even prevents expensive mold remediation. When it comes to hanging, the techniques are similar to when a regular type of gypsum board is installed. Panels ate screwed or nailed and finished with a joint taping. If you use this kind of gypsum board, you can enjoy health and environmental benefits, aside from possibility of litigation or remediation costs, benefiting you and your home builder. It may be slightly more expensive, but you can benefit from long-term savings.

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